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Review: Confession of a shopaholic – the movie

23 Mar

On saturday night, I went to watch Shopaholic with a few girlfriends and I LOVE it!

I love chick flicks and chick lits! I never get sick of em. I especially love glamour lits/flicks. The heroine of the story is always shopping or wearing glamorous outfits, as if everyone in America can afford a pair of YSL, a Gucci and a house for $1.50. Oh boy… maybe America is indeed the land of opportunities.

So the story goes, Rebecca Bloomwood loves shopping because everything is pretty and glittering. Buying stuff makes her happy and when the happiness is gone, she needs to buy more stuff, that is when she racks up a credit card debt. Of course, she fell in love with a handsome and rich man.

I have learn not to read a book before watching a movie. Inevitably, the movie disappoints you. I think that is mainly because everyone falls in love with the book and goes with an expectation that nothing beats the book. Everyone has to accept the fact film does have its limitations in certain aspect. However, a good adaption can certainly stimulate your senses visually and bring forward another dimension of the book.

So, I watched this movie without reading the book and I am loving it so much. Isla Fisher is so adorable as Rebecca Bloomwood with her perfect long curls, big brown eyes, one can’t help but to sympathize with this lil’ innocent shopaholic.  All she want was that silky, soft green scarf because … it makes her happy and the world is beautiful again. *sigh*

The movie is entertaining because of Rebecca Bloomwood. Her slapstick’s antics and absurb stories she spins to cover up her debt from her boss and to run away from the debt collector are hilarious. Not to forget the fantastic “art direction”: shoes, bags, clothes, YSL window display, her room and lots of pink!

Definitely leave your bfs behind, grab a cosmo and watch it with your girlfriend. If you like what I have written, do send me a copy of the book. 🙂


lunchtime – farm animals make me happy.

10 Mar

Today is a quiet day, because my boss’s booming voice is not heard off. He is out of town!!!!Plus, I am not running any major projects at the moment and I’m back to the usual day-to-day website maintenance. I was feeling lethargic.

I went for a walk with my colleague during lunchtime. There is a children’s farm just about 5 minutes walk away from where we work. Next to the farm, there is an old convent that has been converted into an art center, mainly for therapeutic art lessons for adults. Is a beautiful place. It is a nature reserve with a river running through the place. Is almost secluded but residents nearby know of its existence. There are no major, hideously tall buildings near by. Just tall trees, bushes, ancient looking convent that looks pretty creepy at night and the occasional… snakes.

My colleague, K, told me it used to be a place for the city folks who can’t afford to get away – which is of course not true anymore, as you need to be quite well off to live in the city. The first time I went to that place, it took my city folk’s breathe away. Is an escape from work, from the hustle and bustle of city. Living in the city all these years, I haven’t been near nature much. Sometimes, I feel like I’m losing touch and I don’t feel right living in the city all the time.

Anyway, K wanted to feed the pigs and so… I went along. I saw cows and horses on our way there (I told you is a farm!!!). I love farm animals, even though they are yucky. They make me laugh. (That’s how I describe my boyfriend too!!! ha!).

The pigs were kept in 3 different pig houses. (I can’t find a proper word, is not a sty because is really clean and sturdy. Spacious too!) As K have been visiting them quite frequently, they recognised her high pitch voice. She sounded almost like the lady in Babe.

“Here, piggypiggypiggypiggy,” all the pigs came out when they heard her, recognising her as the food lady. They are HUGE black pigs and there is also a litter of cute black piglets.

The pigs were grunting really loudly, in greetings or in demand, I’m not so sure. They have large slimy nose with a patch of pink spot. You can see how the 2 sides of their nose holes move when they snort in and out.  One of the pigs almost bashed up its fellow pig over a tiny slice of fruit my colleague threw into the pen. As I was taking photos of them with my mobile phone, they look like they are going to eat my phone. Thanks goodness, they did not.

The cows were out in the field, grazing on the dry glass. Nonchalant, eating their grass, minding their own business. Cows are gentler eh?

another day has passed by…

9 Mar

Today is a quiet day for me. I have decided to stay in after a few days and nights of heading out. A very good friend of mine is in town and I felt the need to spend as much time with her as possible, to re-live the carefree days of uni life. However, I am going through a different kind of good days presently. Not carefree but still good. 🙂

I have this enormous task ahead – to redecorate my room, to unclutter my bookshelf and closet, to refresh it. Last year went by in a blink, I was uncomfortable with where I was and I didn’t quite know how to move on. I have finally settled in this year, but I still do not know how to move on. So I thought, refreshing my room will be a good start. 🙂

Here’s a photo of my My messy closetcloset.

Please do not judge me. 😦 I’m a good person and I work hard. I will clean up this closet soon.

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