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Easter Sunday – Baking is fun

12 Apr

Chocolate muffins!!!! This is the 2nd time I made this. I still have lots of coco powder left.





Banana raisin muffin – recipe by Esther


Oatmeal cookies

End result…. giant cookie!!!


Good Friday@ Melbourne

10 Apr

Today is such a beautiful day. After a full week of wet and cold weather, the sky finally opened up for the sun. It is a public holiday, I slept in and woke up to an easy morning. T did not drop in until mid-day.

We went to lunch at old town kopitiam, a Malaysian eatery that I frequent far too much, it is getting embarrassing. I don’t want the waiters to know I am that crazy lady who crave for their Malaysian food so much. After lunch, we stuffed ourself with 2 stacks of pancake with vanilla ice-cream at Pancake Parlour. I could not finish my pancakes for the first time. I ate so much, I could still taste my lunch during dinner time. I just made casear salad for the both of us.

I love that funny mirror at Pancake Parlour. T finds it really embarrassing to bring me there because I can have so much fun in front of the mirror. This mirror is one of the simple things in Melbourne I take delight in. It makes so many funny effects on me, depending on which angle you are viewing from. I may have big head small body, small head big body and my personal fave is making T looking like a midget.

Mini me
short legs!

Aside from the mirror, Pancake Parlour also has an oversize chess set and chairs, reminding me of Alice in Wonderland, which incidentally is also the name of one of its pancake offerings. This chess set is sooooo cute, it makes me want to sit there for hours and play silly chess, even though, I don’t know much about chess.  (Sorry T, I know you taught me a long time ago, but I can’t remember, cos you never want to play it with me after that. I know I suck and you will probably end up winning all the time.)

After all the food, we decided to walk it off. Melbourne look strange, with all the shops close during broad daylight and so many people on the street. It almost looked like there is a state of emergency declared or some sort of curfew imposed on the city, and everyone is been a rebellious juveniles loitering on the streets. Defiant Asian businesses are still keeping their shops open, so as not to miss out on the business opportunities from the bored and desperate shopaholics. This is probably one of the hardest surviving days for shopaholics…. if not for online shopping eh?

As we were just walking about, we came across this ancient looking camera shop, that sells old camera. It is call Peony Garden. The name suggested a Chinese owner, most likely a mainlander. Even the shop front with the metal grills reminded me of the 1970s shop fronts you can find in Singapore/Malaysia. It looks deserted, in fact, it never looks open to me. I have walked past the shop so many times, I don’t remember seeing it open… perhaps, it just not very welcoming. The cameras look ancient and I wonder if they have the dreamy effect or some sort of light leaks like the holga.

We were once there
Peony garden

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