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My first lottery collection

15 May


I have never buy lottery but today, I collected my first lottery winnings. I did not even buy this lottery, my brother brought this while visiting me, but ran out of time to collect it. Is mine!!! Is a total of $42.55. I am very please. 😀

The girl is very polite. She recited from her script and asked,

“Would you like to reinvest your $42.55 to the next lottery.”

“Nope. Just the money.” Silly grin.

Cash in hand, walked out.


lunch thief at work

13 May

Yesterday an email from the receptionist/office manager came at work. It says “Please do not take food that is not labeled. Food that is not labeled is not common food. Taking someone else lunch is not acceptable.”

The stolen lunch belongs to my HR manager. It was a simple lunchbox of steam vegetable.

Lunch thief.

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