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Chanel’s farm show

14 Oct

I love Chanel’s baggggs!

The latest fashion show has a farm house set and is just rather odd to see Chanel’s logo on a farm house and models’ strutting around under the house.

See the gorgeous photos here:

I love how

But Lily Allen and the band looks pretty cool in the farm setting though.



6 Oct

Saturday was nice. 🙂 I went to Tulk. I didn’t quite agree with the food prices but I must say the food is tasty and healthy. Is mostly gourmet food, in small portion but in affordable cafe prices.

I mostly like the place because of the sunlight and because it feels… bookish. I feel inspired when I am there, just sitting there, eating, drinking and reading. I stopped going there for a while recently because I find the portion too small for me. Nowadays, I realise I have been eating too much and I am trying to cut back on my portion, especially at nights, eating healthy… no more oily nasi lemak.

All right, Mr T and I agree that we got to have Saturday just pigging out. I feel miserable if I can’t give in to my cravings. 😦

Anyway, when I was there, I ordered a chai, had a herb mayo chicken baguette. I felt like it was back to my post-grad days. I used to hang out there alot to plan for my radio show, learn spanish or went there to read and be inspired.

Is that old me where I dream about all wonderful things, where everything seems possible. Nowadays, I don’t think too much anymore. I don’t feel like I have the time to think. I feel like, I’m always behind. My spanish homework’s not done, my tax return’s not done and I just want to watch TV and relax. That’s just pure laziness isn’t it?

Wake up and start dreaming again! Dare to dream and start taking steps towards those dreams!!!

I want to travel and take photos. Go to Buenas Aires and tango. To have a little pet project that earn some money. I want to write again. I want to produce editorials. I want to read all my books that I want to read.

Come back to myself!

p/s: I have nothing to do with the related articles below.


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