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Where the intellectuals hang out!

23 Jul

Animal Orchestra
Where: 163 Grattan St
Carlton VIC 3053
(03) 9349 4944

I was going to attend Melbourne MBA info session. I went there half-halfheartedly as I didn’t believe the school offered a good MBA course. It is too general and it will be better if there offered specialised MBA, other than marketing. I ran through the drizzle, along Grattan St and turned into Leicester St, reaching the school puffing. Only to realise I got the date wrong. Good for me as I was tempted to go into Animal Orchestra when I ran past the row of terraces.This cute little cafe is housed in one of the Victorian Terraces next to the old China bar (now rebranded to China something. I can’t remember its name, but it offers the same cheap, oily crap)

Animal Orchestra brings back my old uni memories. I cannot help but to pay a visit again. I entered the narrow cafe, wondering if it is closing time. There are not – I’m in luck! It seems to be a place for older students. The cafe is tiny and empty of patrons, aside from a few students, but one that is crowded with character. There were pictures torn from old magazines plastered all over the wall, under the stairs. There were interesting pictures and I noted a couple of nudity. Mirrors were hung on the other wall, possibly to create the illusion of space.

Cute bronze little teapots are used to contain sugar on each of the typical coffee shop style tables and chairs. The menu items are reasonably priced. It consisted mainly of eggs meals (baked eggs served all day!), paninis and tapas. Coffee is pretty good. All in all, I think is a place that I will visit if I’m around the area or feel like a change of environment from usual city haunts.

[Animal Orchestra - Walls with pictures plastered all over]

Animal Orchestra - Smiley waiter

Animal Orchestra - mirror mirror on the wall

Animal Orchestra - Myself in the mirror

Animal Orchestra - Cute corner table with menu on chalkboard

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