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Monk Bodhi Dharma@ Balaclava

10 Jan

Balaclava, the head mask – never heard of. I would have just call it the head mask. Balaclava, the suburb – only heard of it once because my colleague live in that suburb.

Balaclava is a suburb at St Kilda East. I really have no business in that suburb other than to visit Monk Bodhi Dharma (MBD), apparently rated as one of the best coffee shops Melbourne has to offer, right after St Ali and 7 seeds.

This little coffee shop is tiny and every seat in the house is filled up. This is the smallest coffee shop I have ever seen. This is a coffee closet! Tushar and I almost missed it, if not for parking behind Safeway and choose to walk out from of the carpark through a cobble road. MBD is only a tiny brick house extension of  a bigger brick building. It only has a door entrance and it was the coffee patrons on the plastic crates that caught my eye, that I stopped to take a double take.

Inside Monk Bodhi Dharma

We went in and the place was packed but at a quick glance, I saw a small kitchen, a roasting machine, 3 long tables packed with Sunday lunch-ers. We ordered a latte and a soy flat white. Our trip to Balaclava is paid off – latte is 5 coffee beans rating, at the right temperature with the right volume and is not too bitter for my taste. The soy flat white is actually tasty, disproving my theory of coffee is only good with full cream milk. It’s so good, soy espresso is not just a healthier/lesser fat alternative at Monk Bodhi Dharma, it should be one of the highlights. Never have I come across such tasty soy espresso, except for the soy latte at sensory lab Bourke St which I enjoy heaps!

Balaclava has a few good coffee shops, this will not be the last coffee post from Balaclava.

Monk Bodhi Dharma


Lazy sunday

9 Jan

Just finished breakfast, watching tv and trying out mobile blogging. It is quite embarrassing to say that this is my first time trying it out when it has being out for a few years. It didn’t use to be this fun, with the entire dashboard on your phone and one can easily attach a photo with a blog entry.

Typing is still hard, it has to be a short post.

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