Porgie and Mr Jones

10 Aug

Wimpy from PopeyeI first read about Porgie and Mr Jones when I was looking up Snow Pony’s address in Broadsheet.  (I didn’t bring my camera with me to Snow Pony. Perhaps a post from my next visit  after taking some shots.) Is this cute Mr Porgie and Mr Jones name that strikes my interest and curiosity. For some strange reason, Wimpy from Popeye came to my mind when Porgie is said out aloud. Mr Jones is a common  English name. There is no air and arrogance to this character. When put together, Porgie and Mr  Jones renders nostalgia with a tinge of childhood happiness and a homely, inviting feeling.

We arrived at around 11am just before lunchtime. I was bracing myself for a long wait but we got a table after a 10 minute wait. Not so bad for a popular cafe. At the entrance, it has a typical cafe configuration where there is a communal table, a few 2-seaters and the counter and coffee-maker at the front. The rustic wall texture and the contrast black wall beg to differ. A few other quirky articles such as the stylistic hanging bulbs over the counter, the  red hanging chair (my favourite!) and the potted plants on the wall make the place interesting.

Red Chair on the wall

We were led through the main dining room, halfway to the 2nd main dining space at the back of the shop. This is where personality of Porgie and Mr Jones emergesIt is homely and filled with nostalgic furniture. From where I sat, I saw a fireplace and an armchair next to it. It looks like a living room that houses tables and chairs for cafe patrons. The place we were seated, it seemed like a small family’s kitchen. The main entrance where we come through is an extension of a house. I was half expecting Mr Jones to walk down the stairs with his pipe and sit on his armchair with a good book.


I ordered the smashed avocado with poached egg and it arrived in a very generous portion. T got the chicken baguette and he reckons that Snow Pony has a better chicken baguette even though they seem to come from the same people. Coffee was relatively good but I won’t give them a 5 beans rating.  They are nothing like Monk Bodhi who are at the top of my list. Nevertheless, it is still a good morning coffee to indulge on a weekend brunch. Waitresses are really busy and the place is really noisy. Perhaps it was where we were being seated – small space, loud echo. I can’t think or hear T. Despite this, I will still return to Porgie and recommend this place for brunch and coffee.

Chicken Baguette

Smashed Avocado with poached eggs


I give the coffee a 3 beans/5 beans rating. Food  3 eggs/5 eggs and services 2.5 stars/5 stars.


Table by the stairs


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