Snow Pony – we love the chicken baguette

22 Aug

Little did we know, everyone’s favourite from Snow Pony is the smashed avocado. The first time we visited Snow Pony, T ordered a baguette as he was avoiding eggs plus it was past lunch time and I think eggs should only be a hero on breakfast/brunch plates. As for myself, I got a brownie with coffee – as I already had brunch. It was a spontaneous first visit. I was only interested in trying the coffee until I arrived there and saw the menu.

Snow Pony is the sister cafe of Porgie and Mr Jones. Hence they share similar menu. SP presents a variety of choices on the menu for breakfast, brunch and lunch – catering to a different degree of appetite level and vegetarians fret not, there are choices for you too! However, the chicken baguette really caught our attention.

I wanted to try the baguette too but I have to slap myself down as I already had my lunch. (no 2nd lunch for me 😦 ) T chicken baguette pick was an excellent pick. It was a beautiful baguette. Good baguettes are hard to come by. For some reason, most places serve stale baguette. For this reason, I didn’t like baguettes alot. I associate baguettes with diffculty chomping. One has to go through the motion to finish a baguette. But why? Eating is suppose to be joyful! But Snow Pony’s baguette was fresh. It made me love baguettes again and each time I saw those sticks of baguettes I thought of that chicken baguette from SP. The filling in the baguette was delicious, with poached chicken coated in specially made mayo by SP and sprinkled with chives. Plus a big fresh cos lettuce leaf for added crunch. (yum yum!). I had a few stolen bites of the chicken baguettes and I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! I was disappointed that I couldn’t have 1 all by myself when I was there… maybe a little bit devastated even. It is a really good baguette…

T was sweet enough to bring me there again shortly after. This time round, I went in starving and I am lost, I don’t know where to start. Everything on the menu sounded so good!! If anyone were to hold a breakfast banquet at SP, I would be too busy stuffing myself to talk to anyone. Despite of my earlier disappointment for missing out the opportunity to enjoy the chicken baguette, Bang Bang eggs with its hazelnut dukkah on toast sounded interesting . So I awkwardly ordered the eggs. (How did they come out with the name?)

Bang Bang Eggs - Snow Pony

Bang Bang eggs arrived with a bunch of spinach leaves heaped on top of the hazelnut dukkah. It presentation was messy. I have to shift the leaves aside to reveal the dukkah but the eggs were still hidden in view. When I finally shifted through the heap and cut through the beautifully poached eggs, golden-yolk goodness was flowing. SP has done the free range eggs justice by keeping the compliments refreshing and subtle while you enjoy the freshness of the eggs. However, towards the end of the dish, the dukkah and the grainy texture from the toast are tiring me out. Perhaps a little less dukkah or a different kind of bread with non-grainy texture would be better.

The sweets in the cabinet didn’t appeal to me and the chocolate brownie I ordered the first time I was there was a little dry. Hence, the dessert is dubious. The coffee wasn’t great. Like Porgie and Mr Jones, it was good coffee, with 1 cup rating from The Age Good Cafe Guide. I wouldn’t recommend Snow Pony for coffee and cakes for the distance from the city but it is definitely a food place for me.

coffee - snow pony

I’m going to try and recreate the chicken baguette my way. So stay tuned for my next entry! 🙂

p/s: I really like the canvas photo behind the counter.
counter-snow pony

I give the coffee a 2 beans/5 beans rating. Food 3.5 eggs/5 eggs and services 3 stars/5 stars.


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