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The legendary whipped cream incident

21 Mar

Sushi in the making 2

Photo 1: Inside-out sushi in the making

Sushi in the making

Photo 2: Final touches to inside-out sushi. A little dollop of mayo, a sprinkle of sesame

Chicken with hot nando sauce

Photo 3: Chicken breast with hot nando sauce … for starter

Chicken Teriyaki sushi

Photo 4: Chicken teriyaki sushi ready! It taste as good as it looks

Inside-out Tuna sushi

Photo 5: Inside-out tuna sushi with lettuce to give it a crunch

Cider with lemon and ice

Photo 6: Cold refreshing berry cider with lemon slices in tall glass. Cupcake ingredients in the background

Cookies and cream cupcakes

Photo 7: Cookies and cream cupcake – piping is really hard 😦

The last few baking attempts have not been successful. Is one disaster after another. The last time was a Bailey chocolate cupcake. It was intended to be bite size but it turned out to be monster bite size in mutated shape. The icing was made wrong and it become frosting instead. In the end I decided to call it Bailey chocolate muffins with icing… monster bite size.

On Saturday, I had another dopey baker moment.

Miss Pretty Baker came to my place. We have decided to try this cookie and cream recipe here  I feel really safe under her supervision.

I didn’t think anything can go wrong this time round with her around me. It is an idiot proof environment. Chef friend  sat at the couch, watched TV and said a few words about wanting alcohol etc etc. He wasn’t helpful at all. When Miss Pretty Baker was nearly reaching the step which requires whipped cream, chef friend became enthusiastic all of a sudden, stood up and started rushing Miss Pretty Baker to get on with the cream.

To digest, earlier the evening, chef friend has rummaged through my fridge to find ingredients to make us dinner. He made us sushi… in my kitchen! They were amazing to look at and were super duper yummy. Anyway, by that point he would have already known what is in my fridge, including the can of whipping cream and the absence of cream. When we started baking, he would have been waiting for this moment to come.

So when Miss Pretty Baker asked for the cream, out came the aerosol can of whipping cream. Miss Pretty Baker frowned and I detected a slight hint of frustration.

MPB go.. whipped cream ah..zin.


I didn’t quite understand and could not register the situation for those first few moments, until Miss happy go lucky asked if Miss dopey baker has got the wrong stuff. Meanwhile chef friend started laughing and said he was expecting that.

I then realise this is THE dopey moment for this recipe – I got the wrong cream. 😦

Chef friend said it’s his cue to get his alcohol and offered to help get us our cream at 11pm that night. Bless him. He has to walk 2 blocks down to safeway.

That night I learnt that whipped cream is cream beaten by a beater and the cream in the aerosol can is whipping cream.

So, I just remembered on the same evening, chef friend was complaining about a bimbo asking if the dish he was making was vegetarian just moments after he has added some chicken. Speaking of bimbos…


Watch sunset with me?

19 Mar

Photo taken from my balcony

Today when I got off work, the sky was still bright. The weather was fine, in fact it was beautiful. The sun was preparing to set but it wasn’t sunny. It was just right – bright sky, a little airy but not cold.

Is the kind of weather where it makes me feel like everything is possible in life. I could be anywhere I want to be just by closing my eyes and think really hard. I felt impulsive, thinking of crazy things I would like to do – change into a sunny skirt and wear my havanas … go to the beach, see the sunset. Go to Paris, see the Lourve again.

In the end, I decided to go home. I felt a little disappointed, so much for going to the Lourve… or doing something crazy. When I reached home, I saw this beautiful sunset waiting for me at my balcony. I took a photo with my phone and shared it with T.

I want to watch sunset with you for the rest of my life. *silly grin*

*grin* So pretty. U should take with your slr

oh man… you are not suppose to say that. So anyhow, the sunset is amazing. I didn’t do anything crazy but I did do something silly. *silly grin*

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