Watch sunset with me?

19 Mar

Photo taken from my balcony

Today when I got off work, the sky was still bright. The weather was fine, in fact it was beautiful. The sun was preparing to set but it wasn’t sunny. It was just right – bright sky, a little airy but not cold.

Is the kind of weather where it makes me feel like everything is possible in life. I could be anywhere I want to be just by closing my eyes and think really hard. I felt impulsive, thinking of crazy things I would like to do – change into a sunny skirt and wear my havanas … go to the beach, see the sunset. Go to Paris, see the Lourve again.

In the end, I decided to go home. I felt a little disappointed, so much for going to the Lourve… or doing something crazy. When I reached home, I saw this beautiful sunset waiting for me at my balcony. I took a photo with my phone and shared it with T.

I want to watch sunset with you for the rest of my life. *silly grin*

*grin* So pretty. U should take with your slr

oh man… you are not suppose to say that. So anyhow, the sunset is amazing. I didn’t do anything crazy but I did do something silly. *silly grin*


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