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Sunday lunch inspiration

25 Nov

Saturday was a sunny 32 degrees. It is so warm, I was craving for cold soba. Mr T is not a fan of cold soba so I have to find a compromise…

Today, I went through my library of recipe books and came across a Soba noodle with hot-smoked salmon and soy dressing recipe from Delicious – Simply the Best (ABC).

I don’t have hot-smoked salmon so replaced the smoked Salmon with Chicken Teriyaki instead. Another replacement I contemplated was to buy a box of sashimi from a sushi shop and served this chill. Welcome to Summer eating.

Coriander is essential for a refreshing dish.

Ingredients (serves 4)

1/2 cup rice vinegar

2 tbs finely grated ginger

1.5 tbs soy sauce

2 garlic cloves, crushed

1 tsp seasem oil

1/4 cup sunflower oil

270g soba noodles

2 x 150g Teriyaki Chicken (marinate the chicken with Teriyaki sauce and pan fried the chicken)

1 sheet nori seaweed


2 spring onions

2 tsp toasted sesame seeds



Combine vinegar, ginger, soy sauce, garlic and seasme oil in a bowl. Slowly whisk in the sunflower oil and set aside

Cook Soba noodle as per packet instruction

Drizzle dressing and toss to combine.

Garnish with spring onions, toasted sesame seeds and coriander before serving

Is a great looking dish, quick to make, healthy and tasty. Will make this again.

Sunday lunch inspiration

Chicken Teriyaki Soba


When piggy inspiration attacks!

19 Nov

My latest bake is an inspiration from Mr T internet’s find…

I almost did not complete the cupcakes because I messed up my first batch of frosting and was discouraged, I didn’t think I can produce these cute cupcakes or any decent cupcakes… Thanks to Mr T’s encouragement, I pursued a second batch of frosting. He then helped me made the ears and halved the marshmallows for the nose. When I saw them coming together again and the 2nd batch of frosting was not too bad, I became encouraged and hopeful again…

So, is really important to surround yourself with the right people when you are prsuing your dream…

I’m not a fan of royal icing or rolled icing so I decided to create this piggies with lemon cupcake topped with strawberry frosting.

Chocolate Suze has a great lemon cupcake with lemon curd recipe. Is so easy to make and the cupcakes turn out moist. For this little piggies, I have left out the lemon curd.

I have opted for a strawberry cream cheese frosting.The frosting recipe I found was in US conversion, which was confusing for me. So I won’t recommend using that for bakers who are not used to stick, ounces and oz. I messed up the frosting. It was watery and unusable for cupcakes. I was going to dump the mixture but turn it into a strawberry bread instead! Speaking of making the best out of a bad situation… (Thanks to Mr T’s encouragement!)

I found another recipe that uses the same ingredients here or use your favourite Strawberry cream cheese frosting to create the face.

After all the baking is done, here comes the fun part – assembling the face. I used strawberry waffles for ears, marshmallows for nose and melted some chocolate drops to dot the eyes and nose.

Use the pink marshmallow for nose – is cuter 🙂  Melt chocolate to dot the eyes and nose.

That’s all and you’ll get yourself some yummy piggies. No piggies were harmed in the making!

Ice cream inspired by my tea obsession – Earl Grey Ice Cream

13 Nov

I went through a phase where I was collecting every kind of tea I came across. Earl grey, English Breakfast, Cha Wang, Tia Gian Ying, Strawberry and cream tea, cookies and cream tea, lemon and grass tea, milk tea and antioxidant pomegranate tea. I have also have a range of brands in my collection from the super market mid range to specialty tea brands.

Yes, I’m a little crazy with my tea.

Occasionally I enjoy a good pot of  green tea mix with roses, that is popular among the chinese girls! Often serve in clear glass teapot like the one below.

Rose tea in glass pot

… or the lemongrass tea for a refreshing and uplifting start of the day.

Anyway, I’m not here to give a tea review, instead i’m really excited about my latest creation…. EARL GREY TEA ICE CREAM!!!

I don’t know what hit me but I had an inspiration to create Earl grey something… At first it was Earl Grey cupcakes but I have ran out of ice cream for over a week now, I need some ice cream! I then settle for Earl Grey Ice cream and set on my research.

I google and read a few variations and decided to draw a recipe from a fellow blogger Gourmet Traveller (who shares the same name as the popular Australian magazine but is not related)

I have adapted the recipe and reduced the sugar. I also used 4 teaspoons of tea leaves instead of tea bags. However, I follow the steps closely.


5 earl grey tea bags
300ml (10.5 fl oz) milk
75g (6 tbsp) caster sugar
3 medium egg yolks
250g whipping cream

I think there is a step missing in there, the custard needs to be pour through a sieve to remove the grain to achieve the smooth consistency in the custard. I also used too much tea. The next time I’m making it, I will reduce the amount of tea leaves and remembers to sieve the custard.

Sometimes, I like to have a biscuit with my tea (like a granny). To finish it off,  I crushed some digestive biscuits and sprinkle some on top and use the bigger pieces as a base for the ice cream.

Earl Grey Ice Cream with Digestive Biscuit Crumble

All in all, it wasn’t a bad first attempt for me. I’m still enjoying the ice cream! 🙂

So there you go… I think I know what to do to make a better custard base ice cream.

Also, I found a video that demonstrates how to make ice cream using a similar custard base method which I will be applying across my future ice making attempts.

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