About Zinnamon

I have adventurous taste buds and get bored cooking the same meals. I love cookbooks and have accumulated a decent collection over the years. I love gazing at these beautiful cookbooks and eventually decided to set a goal for myself: Every week, I will try at least 1 new recipe.

I’m a beginner cook and baker who is still confused between whipped cream and whipping cream. Hopefully I will get it one day. I live overseas by myself and only see my mum (an amazing cook) twice a year. Hence, I rely on recipes to keep my meals and desserts interesting. I learn as I go along and I have recently taken on researching before embarking on new recipes.

I would like to share my learnings with the world, possibly create some laughter with my silly mistakes aka the whipped cream incident and also convert all non-believers so that no one in the world is a hopeless cook.

I also love trying new places with my Mr T and would love to share my epicurean adventure here. That is if the restaurant is not dimly lit.


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