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Apple or PC – I am not an Apple person

3 May

The Mac or PC debate is never ending. Market research has being conducted to try and identify who exactly are the Mac and PC users. What divides them and prompt them into choosing a Mac over a PC? Because they are price conscious? What makes them choose an iPad over a Samsung Galaxy or an IPhone over an Android? Because they have a thinking of a 2 years old or slow and nearly-blind like a 100 years old?

Mashable recently published an article referring to an infograph by hunch about the traits between a PC and a MAC person. I thought the stats and comparisons between the 2 groups were biased against the PC people. It is suggesting that a typical Mac user is a creative/artist who lives in a city, likely to zip around in a Vespa and stupid has a low aptitude for Maths. On the other hand, PC users are boring, only wear jeans and tshirt, do not like to throw party, uncultured and likely to be farmer Joe because they are mostly living in the rural and likes McDonald. Above everything else, they are profiling them according to my marketing pet-hates – by age. PC people are old, Mac people are young. This infographic is so bias, stereotypical and predictable. It makes me laughs. But it does get me thinking… Am I a Mac or PC person?

Extract from Mashable

Now, I will be honest, my history with Apple goes all the way back.. way way back, even before i met my first steady boyfriend (whom i’m still steady with, btw). It was the first IPod with THE wheel and the grey screen. It broke out of the blue. So I got the 2nd generation Nano, which was replaced by the first generation iPod touch. Nano died (too!) shortly after, with no apparent cause. iPod touch is still surviving but many of the current apps are no longer compatible, so is almost dying… with neglect. I’m currently surviving on a diet of of iPhone 3GS, Mac Book Pro, Mac and recently bullied my boyfriend to buy the new nano so I can go running with my nike+. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like how it has being advertised!!

Apple advertised their shuffle like this but is not!

Instead, it looks like that!! Not cool! I felt cheated!!!

Real Nike Plus and nano together!

Why do I want to own a piece of everything in the Mac family? Because I love the aesthetic and they make everything look fun. That said, I prefer using Windows for work because it is functional, there are alot more support in increasing productivity and software are not at a premium. Most importantly.. MY BOYFRIEND KNOWS HOW TO FIX IT. Because Mac users are stupid (as suggested in the infograph), there aren’t alot of skilled Mac technicians out there. Their hardware can be deeply disappointing as one can see from my past experiences with Mac. Everything breaks down very shortly. But why do I still buy more Mac?

Bottom line is, yes, I am frivolous and stupid has a low aptitude in Math. Mac are very approachable. They look very pretty and hence making the “computer-ring” experience fun and easy to use. Unfortunately, they are frustrating times where they have over dumb-down functionalities.  It is frustrating to organize my Itune music and photos with Iphoto as they tend to save them in multiple copies which are really not necessary and they are no options to switch it off.

Last but not least, I AM NOT A BIG FAN OF HOW THEY ADVERTISE THEIR PRODUCT. FACETALK, THE WHEEL AND A LAPTOP WITH NO DRIVES OR USB PORTS ARE NOT REVOLUTIONARY! WE ARE NOT STUPID. Please show some respect. Spending over a year to develop the white Iphone 4. Really?

PC might be more usable but they aren’t as pretty as a Mac. An Android phone has much more advanced capabilities but they are not functions where one can pick up easily and quickly. It requires some tinkering. Again, it is not as pretty either. If a PC and an Android can be bubbly pretty like an Apple, I will not hesitate to switch back.

With these I conclude – I don’t identify myself as an Apple person. I am neutral. Instead, Apple did win me over with their aesthetics and I am very much aware of how they glaze me over with their pretty covers.  I will still very much prefer an Android and I don’t mind  using a PC at leisure… if they are bubbly and cute too.

Yes, I am not an Apple person.

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