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Review: Confession of a shopaholic – the movie

23 Mar

On saturday night, I went to watch Shopaholic with a few girlfriends and I LOVE it!

I love chick flicks and chick lits! I never get sick of em. I especially love glamour lits/flicks. The heroine of the story is always shopping or wearing glamorous outfits, as if everyone in America can afford a pair of YSL, a Gucci and a house for $1.50. Oh boy… maybe America is indeed the land of opportunities.

So the story goes, Rebecca Bloomwood loves shopping because everything is pretty and glittering. Buying stuff makes her happy and when the happiness is gone, she needs to buy more stuff, that is when she racks up a credit card debt. Of course, she fell in love with a handsome and rich man.

I have learn not to read a book before watching a movie. Inevitably, the movie disappoints you. I think that is mainly because everyone falls in love with the book and goes with an expectation that nothing beats the book. Everyone has to accept the fact film does have its limitations in certain aspect. However, a good adaption can certainly stimulate your senses visually and bring forward another dimension of the book.

So, I watched this movie without reading the book and I am loving it so much. Isla Fisher is so adorable as Rebecca Bloomwood with her perfect long curls, big brown eyes, one can’t help but to sympathize with this lil’ innocent shopaholic.  All she want was that silky, soft green scarf because … it makes her happy and the world is beautiful again. *sigh*

The movie is entertaining because of Rebecca Bloomwood. Her slapstick’s antics and absurb stories she spins to cover up her debt from her boss and to run away from the debt collector are hilarious. Not to forget the fantastic “art direction”: shoes, bags, clothes, YSL window display, her room and lots of pink!

Definitely leave your bfs behind, grab a cosmo and watch it with your girlfriend. If you like what I have written, do send me a copy of the book. 🙂

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