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Review: Old Town Kopitiam Makmak

27 Dec

Old Town Kopitiam Makmak, melbourne
It is always exciting for me to find a new Malaysian eatery in Melbourne city. Just before Christmas, Old Town Kopitiam has opened up a new shop at the prime location of QV that is at least four times bigger than its first shop at Chinatown.
Old Town Kopitiam Makmak, melbourne, teh tarik
Old Town Kopitiam Makmak tries to retain the essence of a typical makmak stall back home with by furnishing the restaurant with marble-surface tables and chairs and setting the table with the familiar orange plastic chopsticks and the little squishy plastic soy sauce and pepper bottles, typically found in koptiams (coffee shops).  I’m glad the hygiene level is nothing like a typical makmak stall.

Old Town Kopitiam Makmak, melbourne, roti telur
We ordered a Roti Telur and a Nasi Kandar. The Nasi Kandar is a rice dish that was accompanied with a portion of beef curry (beef redang) and a chicken curry. The Roti Telur was accompanied with the same chicken curry used for nasi kandar and sambal.  The beef redang remains juicy and tasty, a dish that can be easily overcook. The roti is a little too tough, it can be crispier but this flaw can be easily compensate by dipping it into the tasty chicken curry.

The whole dining experience is enhanced with the presence of a team of friendly and attentive Malaysian waiters – we need more of these waiters around, especially in places like Mecca bah. Even in the midst of  rush hours, the waiters slow down and attend to your needs (water pls!) and take your order with a smile.

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