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How to score yourself a good deal shopping in Malaysia

14 Apr

Due to the competitive retail landscape in Malaysia, retailers in Malaysia are throwing in offers to lure customers, purchase with purchase to upsell and get a few more bucks from current customers, designing enticing membership program and credit card tie-in to make your shopping deals sweet in Malaysia.

Here are a few tips to find yourself the best deals:
– For starter, try to pick a helpful sales assistant as they are can be really helpful in alerting you the promos and some even help to work out the best way for you to purchase the item on the spot. The really enthusiastic one will keep your local contact and rang you up when your points are near expiry or if there are any special promos.

Note: It helps if you avoid dressing like a hobo in dirty flip-flops and old shorts and penniless. You won’t get much service…

Zinnamon washed some Havis

– When shopping for body care or cosmetics always ask what is their current promotion(s). In an effort to promote certain product range, they will usually have some kind of bundle-up deal, where buying product x+y+z will allow you x% off RRP when buying the items separately. The flop side of this deal is that it can be quite restrictive as you can’t mix and match product. (Good if you are trialing new product or if you are really lucky it can be your favorite product range)
– Many labels are participating in some form of recycling initiatives where you can bring in your old garments and you can receive $x off on your next purchase. Some cosmetic/body care brands will offer you a travel size product if you were to bring in empty bottles of their product. Currently, Levis is offering RM50 off for your old pair of jeans and XVIIX lingerie offer RM10 off for any old bras you bring in.

Zinnamon - Save the Earth
– Also, find out if the retailer is partnering with your credit card. There is usually another percentage off on your entire purchase. Jewelers are usually in such program. There are also opportunities to redeem a product with your credit card points for free. If there is bonus shopping points night/day, it might be a good idea to plan your purchase around this period so you can use your points earn on that night to redeem another product for free!
– Do sign up for their VIP programs (if it is free!) as you will get further rebate in gift vouchers when you hit the VIP target stated in the program

Qantas lounge

Another perk to watch out for
– Ask for samples you usually use. Again, going back to the point of picking a helpful sales assistant, the helpful ones are generous with the samples when you spend heaps with them and is happy to give you any samples you ask for. I usually ask for samples that I am most likely to use which will come in handy during traveling. These little packs of samples do add up!



8 Jun

magnationI love magnation! I love to read inspiring magazines while surrounded by many other magazines!!!!

Magnation has renovated its place and put in cute cozy couches, painted the wall with cute cartoons, adding more personality to the place.

I only hope that the coffee can be better…


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